Lift Table BSL series

Heavy duty range.

New design to meet norm EN1570:1999.

New hydraulic system increases safety and protects your goods,tepless rate of lowering system remains irrespectibe of the weight of the load.

i-lift No.13104101310411
សមត្ថភាពគីឡូក្រាម (Ib ។ )500(1100)1000(2200)
កម្ពស់ Min.Forkមម (ក្នុង។ )470(18.5)520(20.5)
កម្ពស់អតិបរមាមម (ក្នុង។ )2000(80)
Table Sizeមម (ក្នុង។ )1200*800(47.2*31.5)
Handle Heightមម (ក្នុង។ )1030(40.5)(42.5)
Ground Clearenceមម (ក្នុង។ )68.5(2.7)125(5)
Lowering timesec2244
ទម្ងន់​សុទ្ធគីឡូក្រាម (Ib ។ )222(488.4)242(532.4)

1.Exquisite workmanship

The countertops are all painted at high temperature and electrostatically sprayed. Smooth and clean surface, durable and corrosion-resistant

2.Thickened and stable scissors

Thickened scissors, durable and safe, strong load-bearing, stable performance


3.High-strength polyurethane wheels

The mute effect is stronger, the wheels are more wear-resistant, and the rear wheel has a brake

4.Descending handle, handle-type descending handle, precise control of descending speed

The rebound design can stop the descent at will